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1 year 7 months ago

We took some new band pictures in New York, and they where taken by the great Peter Gannushkin.
The next coming days, we will go on tour in Norway, visiting my favorite place on earth: Inderøya, as well as good old Trondheim where I used to live for 6 years, and back to Oslo on Saturday. The Trondheim and Oslo gig will be joined by the great british/swedish trio ENEMY with Kit Downes on piano and James Maddren on drums in addition to Petter on bass. In February you can catch us at the legendary Ronnie Scotts Jazzclub in London, as well as Herr Nilsen in Oslo and Paard Van Troje in Den Haag (NL). Hope to see some of you there. See calendar for details. Otherwise: Keep in touch for much more news and gigs soon and feel free to buy our triple record "Live In Europe":)

"Live in Europe" gets amazing reviews all over!

1 year 8 months ago

The triple live album gets rave reviews, and here is some excerpts from the latest press feedback both from the record and live in concert!

“This is one of the best releases I’ve heard this year and even in the last 2-3 years”
-Gustav Lindqvist (Free Jazz Collective 5/5 stars)

“Live in Europe provides an audacious excursion into creative music “
-Mark Corroto ( 4/5 stars)

“ Even the trio date is a raucous free jazz blowout, and when the guests arrive at the party, things get seriously explosive”
-Phil Freeman (

“A group who really find a new way to open things up”
-Dusty Groove (Chicago)

”The musicians who recorded it are outstanding and masterful avant-garde jazz improvisers.”

“Freewheeling solos, tight interplay, and the kind of energy that you can only get in a live performance - it's all here, and it's all gold.”
-Derek Stone (free jazz blog)

“Live in Europe» er blitt en fantastisk bra live-utgivelse, med et band som inviterer til fest enten man er i Rotterdam, Ljubljana eller Oslo. Kjøpetvang!”
-Jan Granlie (

“Uansett så er musikken tøff, kompromissløs, energisk og forteller oss at også som bandleder har Gard Nilssen mye å fare med - ikke veldig overraskende det heller”.
-Tor Hammerø (Tor de jazz)

“Glitrende soloutspill i flere nyanser i det som var en rå jazzgig”
-Chris Monsen (Klassekampens top 10 livekonsert 2017 kåring)

“En av høstens shåvveste liveopplevelser”
-Audun Vinger

”Nilssen er overalt i norsk musikk for tiden og han gjør det til et bedre sted å oppholde seg”

The 3x livealbum "Live in Europe" IS OUT NOW!!!!!

1 year 9 months ago

i am so proud to finally release my triple live record "Live in Europe" on both physical format and on all digital platforms.
The beautiful vinyl box edition comes with a beautifully gatefold cover including cd´s as well, and lots of nice pictures and liner notes from Peter Margasak.
The vinyl box is fashionably late this time, but you can pre-order it from me or my great label Clean-Feed Records in Lisbon, Portugal.
Shipping for free to the 50 first customers:)

If you ask the names of the most prominent and sought after jazz- and improvised music drummers in Norway, you can be sure to find Gard Nilssen on that list. Anywhere you turn, he’s there, either as a sideman (Team Hegdal, Cortex, Lord Kelvin, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra or Susanne Sundfør) or leading and co-leading a good number of acclaimed groups (Bushman’s Revenge, Puma, sPacemoNkey or Astro Sonic), some going to the absolute frontier territories of jazz, rock and electric experimentalism. With the triple liverelease “Live In Europe” he continues his work entirely committed to unplugged music; Gard Nilssen ́s Acoustic Unity.
Since the Grammy nominated and critically acclaimed debut album “Firehouse” in 2015, they have been touring all around the world: Japan, USA, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Holland, UK, Denmark, Slovenia and Norway, and developed a more personal and distinct expression with telepathic interplay, big ears, impulsive and energetic sound.
In the frontline is an astonishing revelation of a saxophone player, André Roligheten. Whether in his own band Roligheten, as a half of the duo Albatrosh, in the tighter context of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, collaborating with the psych-rock band Motorpsycho, or in other great acts like Team Hegdal, Friends & Neighbors and Cambien Trio, every player would envy his drive and capacity to instantaneously re-invent melody and rhythm while improvising.
Petter Eldh, Berlin based bassplayer, known for his work with the Django Bates trio, Amok Amor, Speak Low, Peter Evans, Jim Black and Tobias Delius among others, is another idiosyncratic figure, perfect for the cause; claiming references as diverse as Dr. Dre, Charlie Parker and Peter Brötzmann, he’s definitely the right choice for maintaining the backbone of these tunes and at the same time always being ready to cross the winds.
“Live In Europe” is a triple live vinyl and cd box release, featuring the saxophonists Fredrik Ljungkvist (Atomic), Kristoffer Alberts (Cortex) and Jørgen Mathisen (Krokofant), out on clean-feed records now.

Here is the credits as well:

Gard Nilssen- drums
Petter Eldh- double bass
André Roligheten- tenor & soprano saxophones
Fredrik Ljungkvist- tenor saxophone & clarinet (side C & D) (or disc 2)
Kristoffer Berre Alberts- alto,tenor & barytone saxophones (side E & F) (or disc 3)
Jørgen Mathisen- tenor saxophone & clarinet (side E & F) (or disc 3)

Side A/ CD 1
When Pigs Fly (Roligheten)
Hymne (Nilssen)
Roundtrip (Nilssen)
Mormor (Nilssen)

Side B/ CD 1
Rushen (Eldh)
Gammal Rottegift (Nilssen)
Jack (Nilssen/Roligheten)
Zig Zag (Roligheten)

Side C/ CD 2
Summer Ale (Roligheten)
Rushen (Eldh)
Gammal Rottegift (Nilssen)

Side D/ CD 2
Hymne (Nilssen)
Roundtrip (Nilssen)
Zig Zag (Roligheten)
Salad Days (Roligheten)

Side E/ CD 3
Hymne (Nilssen)
Roundtrip (Nilssen)
Mormor (Nilssen)

Side F/ CD 3
When Pigs Fly (Roligheten)
Utleiemegleren (Roligheten)
Zig Zag (Roligheten)
Adam's Ale (Roligheten)

Recorded live in concert.
Side A & B recorded at North Sea Jazz Festival 8th of July 2016 by Alex Fiennes
Side C & D recorded at Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2nd of July 2016 by Luís Delgado
Side E & F recorded at Oslo Jazz Festival 18th of August 2016 by David Solheim
Mixed by Ingar Hunskaar, January-February 2017
Mastered by Fridtjof Lindemann, March 2017
Produced by Gard Nilssen and André Roligheten
Photos by Petra Cvelbar, Tore Sætre, Eddy Westveer, Ketil Hardy & Gard Nilssen
Coverdesign by Travassos
Gard plays Istanbul Mehmet cymbals
Thank you: Fredrik Ljungkvist, Jørgen Mathisen, Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Ingar Hunskaar, Fridtjof Lindemann, Alex Fiennes, Luís Delgado, David Solheim, Jurjen Mooiweer, Mike Bindraban, Rune Nergaard, Ola Høyer, Ole Morten Vågan, Edvard Askeland, Michelle Kuypers, Bogdan Benigar, Ketil Hardy, Tore Sætre, Petra Cvelbar, Eddy Westveer, The Istanbul Mehmet family, friends & family.

Special thanks: André Roligheten, Petter Eldh , Pedro Costa & Kathrine Lygren Toppe.

p.s.- If you want to listen to the music first, before buying it, then I have decided to be so gentle and put out this link to a digital streaming service which name won´t be mentioned:

All the best, Gard

SUMMER 2016!!!

3 years 2 months ago

Hi there!!

It´s been a while. I finally found some time to update my webpage again:)
I´ve been extremely busy, touring and recording with different bands and projects this winter and spring. Started out great with my new project called Starlite Motel, which released a record called "Awosting Falls" on clean-feed in January. We did a great tour in Norway, and will play one exclusive gig in Saalfelden in Austria this summer.
I also toured a lot with my good friend and musical genius Susanne Sundfør all of March, besides playing with Cortex, Bushman´s Revenge, Trondheim Jazzorchestra, Team Hegdal, Obara4, Ingebjørg Bratland band, Arild Andersen trio, Ole Morten Vågan´s new band and my trio Acoustic Unity.
Speaking of that trio: I LOVE TO PLAY WITH THESE GUYS! André Roligheten and Petter Eldh is some of my absolute favorite musicians I have ever met, and the result is nothing but one of the best bands I´ve ever been a part of by far! They are so amazing musicians, that being a drummer becomes just as easy, relaxed and meaningful as a walk in the park in the summer:) Thanks guys! You make me a better musician!!! And they are not the worst hang as well...:)
We just did two great shows in Oslo and Bergen (the Bergen gig from Nattjazz will be sent on the norwegian radio channel NRK2 next week or so) and will continue our festival summer by playing these shows:


02.07.-Ljubljana Jazzfestival (SLO)
08.07.-North Sea Jazz, Haag (NL)
21.07.-Molde Int. Jazz festival (NO)
18.08.-Oslo Jazz festival (NO)

Hope to see you there!!!
(or in Europe in November or Japan in December!!)

Have a nice summer!!!

Best, Gard

WOW!!! My record "Firehouse" was nominated for a norwegian jazz grammy the other day.

3 years 7 months ago

Together with some of my best friends, the jazz grammy nominees looks like this:

Gard Nilssens Acoustic Unity - «Firehouse»

Mathias Eick - «Midwest»

Megalodon Collective - «Megalodon»

Møster! - «When You Cut Into The Present»

Team Hegdal - «Vol. 3»

I play with Team Hegdal, I used to play with Mathias Eick, I release Megalodon Collective on my label Gigafon and I have played a lot with Kjetil Møster. Happy to get nominated with these great musicians and bands. check out the records. The spellemannsprisen award show will be sent on the norwegian television saturday January 30th.

Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity "Firehouse" is out now on the great Clean Feed label!

4 years 2 months ago

My new record "Firehouse" is out now on the great clean feed label. I´m very happy with this record. Petter, André and me had been talking about playing together some time, and suddenly, last summer, the three of us were in Oslo at the same time. I decided to book a studio, and without any rehearsal or planning up front, we recorded this record in 6 hours. It was pure magic and we decided to release it. Petter and André are two of my favorite musicians, and I feel that the three of us have a special connection. We will go on a release tour in September. See gig list for more details. Keep in touch.

Best, Gard

Petter Eldh-acoustic bass
André Roligheten-acoustic saxophones
Gard Nilssen-acoustic drums

New Record out on clean feed soon.
Stay in touch for more!

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