14/07 | 2019

Hi everyone!

20/01 | 2019

Happy new year to those of you that happen to have come across my not so often webpage update. I will try to do updates about news, records, gigs, projects, bands and stuff more often in 2019.

23/01 | 2018

We took some new band pictures in New York, and they where taken by the great Peter Gannushkin.

26/12 | 2017

The triple live album gets rave reviews, and here is some excerpts from the latest press feedback both from the record and live in concert!

“This is one of the best releases I’ve heard this year and even in the last 2-3 years”
-Gustav Lindqvist (Free Jazz Collective 5/5 stars)

“Live in Europe provides an audacious excursion into creative music “
-Mark Corroto (Allaboutjazz.com 4/5 stars)

“ Even the trio date is a raucous free jazz blowout, and when the guests arrive at the party, things get seriously explosive”
-Phil Freeman (Stereogum.com)

14/11 | 2017

i am so proud to finally release my triple live record "Live in Europe" on both physical format and on all digital platforms.
The beautiful vinyl box edition comes with a beautifully gatefold cover including cd´s as well, and lots of nice pictures and liner notes from Peter Margasak.
The vinyl box is fashionably late this time, but you can pre-order it from me or my great label Clean-Feed Records in Lisbon, Portugal.
Shipping for free to the 50 first customers:)

08/06 | 2017

Hi there!
Finally I have updated my webpage again. I have some news for those of you that might be interested. I just got married with the most beautiful girl in the world. Her name is Kathrine, and I´m very very happy!

14/09 | 2016

Bushman´s is back with two new records!!!

"Jazz, fritt etter hukommelsen" and "Bushman´s Fire" out on Rune Grammofon now!


check them out and check us out live here:

09/06 | 2016

Hi there!!

21/01 | 2016

Releasetour for my new band starlite motel.
Record out soon on clean feed records.

Jamie Saft-organ, keys
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten-bass
Kristoffer Alberts-saxes
Gard Nilssen-drums

Jørgen Brennhovd-sound

28th 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene- Oslo (NO) -Starlite Motel //
29th 20:00 Skiensjazzdraget/Nylyd-Skien (NO) - Starlite Motel //
30th 23:00 Finsejazz-Finse (NO) -Starlite Motel //
01st 21:00 PØKK-Trondheim (NO) -Starlite Motel //

21/01 | 2016

Together with some of my best friends, the jazz grammy nominees looks like this:

Gard Nilssens Acoustic Unity - «Firehouse»

Mathias Eick - «Midwest»

Megalodon Collective - «Megalodon»

Møster! - «When You Cut Into The Present»

Team Hegdal - «Vol. 3»

19/06 | 2015

André Roligheten saxophones / Petter Eldh double bass / Gard Nilssen drums
1. When pigs fly (Roligheten) / 2. Roundtrip (Nilssen) / 3. Adam ́s Ale (Roligheten)
4. Salad days (Roligheten) / 5. Mojo (Nilssen) / 6. The Resistance (Eldh) / 7. Turtlehead (Roligheten) 8. Life, somewhere before the exit signs (Nilssen, Roligheten, Eldh)
Recorded June 14th 2014 by Marcus Bror Forsgren, in Engfeldt/Forsgren studio, Oslo, Norway

23/01 | 2015
05/03 | 2014

Bow To Each Other is a new Norwegian-Canadian indie pop duo.

Their debut album “The Urge Drum” is produced by none other than Susanne Sundfør and the first taste from the album, the single Darkness, was immediately playlisted on Norwegian state-owned radio station NRK P3. The album has now gotten fantastic reviews in Norway, so be sure to check it out.

05/03 | 2014

Double album in extra thick gatefold sleeve. Includes full mp3 download.

alog my card is 7
the low frequency in stereo aux club
ultralyd salinity and brine
espen eriksen trio ambitions
in the country slow down
bushman´s revenge barbara
hilde marie kjersem that day in the shower
stian westerhus discipline of undiscipline
maja ratkje breathe
jenny hval golden locks
puma 3 a.m. moth
deathprod mysterium magnum
supersilent c-7.1

05/03 | 2014

To celebrate 150 releases we have put together a selection of tracks showing where we are now, some label mainstays, personal favourites, hidden treasures and to round it off; a beautiful exclusive from Arve Henriksen. No expenses have been spared to make this a sublime and highly desirable collection: 4 x 10 inch records - a format loved by collectors - different coloured vinyl for each record, a big two sided poster and a long, unedited and frank interview with label founder Rune Kristoffersen and house designer Kim Hiorthøy by UK music writer Rob Young.

05/03 | 2014


Maciej Obara – alto saxophone
Dominik Wania – piano
Ole Morten Vagan – double bass
Gard Nilsen – drums

Obara International is, without question, the most distinct ensemble in the improvised music scene in Poland nowadays. It was enough for Maciek & his team to play together for only 16 months to reach the level of empathic communication and develop their own peculiar style and sound.

05/03 | 2014


Maciej Obara – alt saxophone
Dominik Wania- piano
Gard Nilssen – drums
Ole Morten Vågan – double bass

05/03 | 2014

Mathias Eick: trumpet, vibraphone, electric guitar, double-bass; Tore Brunborg: tenor saxophone; Andreas Ulvo: piano; Morten Qvenild: keyboards; Audun Erlien: electric bass; Torstein Lofthus: drums; Gard Nilssen: drums; Sidsel Walstad: harp

ECM 2187
CD 6025 274 3228 (1)
Release: (NO) February 2011 / (others) March 2011
LP 180g 6025 276 3107 (3)

05/03 | 2014

The band Scent of Soil is fronted by vocalist Kirsti Huke and saxophonist Tore Brunborg. On this, their first album, they make use of material from a critically acclaimed commissioned work they wrote together for the Vossa Jazz Festival in 2010. The nine powerful and visually rich songs they present here are all related to nature, each in its own way.

Most of the lyrics were written by Huke, while the texts for two of the songs come from two of America’s most prominent poets: Robert Frost wrote “Breeze” and Emily Dickinson was the author of “Necklaces”.

05/03 | 2014

Team Hegdal "Vol 2" kommer ett år etter første plata, som fikk mye skryt. Besetningen på denne plata er utvidet med de to gjestene Mattias Ståhl (fra Sverige) og Ola Kvernberg. Sammensetningen er original, med to sax/klarinett, diverse feler, vibrafon, kontrabass og trommer.Ensemblesoundet gir dette albumet en særegen karakter. Alt innspilt live i studio.
Eirik Hegdal (C melody-/sopranino-/baritone saxophone/clarinet)
André Roligheten (tenor-/soprano saxophone/bass clarinet)
Rune Nergaard (double bass)
Gard Nilssen (drums)
with special guests:

05/03 | 2014

Team Hegdal // Vol. 1
Et firkløver av fremdragende musikere. Hver for seg bl.a. kjent fra band som Albatrosh, Puma, Lord Kelvin, Trondheim Jazzorkester, Zanussi Five, Bushmans Revenge, Humvee, Mathias Eick...Musikken er i hovedsak skrevet av Eirik Hegdal. Referanser til bl.a. Ornette Colemans- og Olivier Messiaens musikalske univers. Originalt og kreativt! Eirik Hegdal - saxofoner/klarinett, André Roligheten- saxofoner/bass klarinett, Rune Nergaard - kontrabass, Gard Nilssen - trommer

04/03 | 2014

Zanussi 13 - Live
Øyvin Brække - Trombone
Eirik Hegdal - BAritone Sax, Clarinet
Klaus Holm - Alto/Baritone Sax, Clarinet
Mikko Innanen - Alto Sax
Per Oddvar Johansen - Drums
Martin Kuchen - Alto Sax
Jonas Kullhammar - Tenor Sax
Jørgen Mathisen - Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Kjetil Møster - Tenor Sax, Clarinet and Percussion
Gard Nilssen - Drums
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm - Alto Sax
Stian Westerhus - Guitar
Per Zanussi - Bass

04/03 | 2014

Per Zanussi - Piano, Double Bass
Rolf-Erik Nyström - Alto saxophone
Jorgen Mathisen - Tenor saxophone, Clarinet
Eirik Hegdal - Baritone saxophone, Clarinet
Gard Nilssen - Drums

01. Body and Zeuhl
02. Arabesque
03. The Afreet
04. Hidden People
05. Aeriform
06. Beglomoi
07. Ghost Dance
08. Aimless Day
09. Id Machine

04/03 | 2014

Title: The Silicone Veil
Released: 2012
Label: Sonnet Sound

The third studio album, released on 26th March. Where The Brothel was seen to gravitate towards a dark, cold and closed musical expression, The Silicone Veil contains melodies that hint of warmth and fullness, bound in multifaceted and complex soundscapes. Thematically, The Silicone Veil centres on the blurred boundaries between one state of being and another, between life and death, between people, and between us and the earth. As Sundfør summarises it: “Apocalypse, death, love and snow”.

04/03 | 2014

Title: The Brothel
Released: 2010
Label: EMI Norway

The Brothel
Black Widow
It’s All Gone Tomorrow
Knight of Noir
Turkish Delight
As I Walked Out One Evening
O Master
Father Father

04/03 | 2014

Lord Kelvin is Erik Johannesen on trombone, Eirik Hegdal on saxophones and Gard Nilssen on drums. All three musicians compose music to the band, and the sound varies from freejazz to rock, to classical chamber music. The bass-less crew leaves a lot of freedom, but also challenges the composers. This leads to a lot of cheeky and unusual solutions and also opens the door to new and exciting music.

04/03 | 2014

"Lord Kelvin" is a band consisting of two hornplayers and one drummer.

Their debut record, Dances in the Smoke, contains 14 songs with free-rock, jazz, chambermusic and free-improvisation. They have shared the composing democratically between themselves.

The bassless trio gives a lot of freedom, but also some challenges regarding composing the music. This results in some unusual solutions in the arrangements, and a whole lot of great new and sometimes strange music.

04/03 | 2014

Thomas Johansson – trumpet
Kristoffer Alberts – sax
Ola Høyer – double bass
Gard Nilssen – drums

04/03 | 2014

The band’s music is clearly inspired by the American avantgarde jazz of the 60s and 70s, with giants like Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman and John Zorn looming in the shadows.
At the same time there is something unmistakably Nordic and contemporary about the way Resection sounds, giving associations to people like Magnus Broo and Kenny Wheeler.
The young quartet offers dynamic musicality and an effortless musical dialogue in a string-of-pearls of original songs, all written by Thomas Johansson, obviously an unusual compositional talent.

04/03 | 2014

Available for preorders.

sPacemoNkey is the duo project of pianist Morten Qvenild and drummer Gard Nilssen. They enjoyed collaborating in Mathias Eick’s band, and quickly decided to try playing together as a duo.

04/03 | 2014

The rocking synth trio Astro Sonic have focused on a broad sonic spectrum on their debut album "Come Closer and I"ll Tell You".
The music on the group"s first album is fearless, and most of the tunes are improvised. It evokes associations with experimental ambient, krautrock, synth impro and Bo Hansson"s instrumental music of the sixties. The atmosphere of the music moves effortlessly between the upper stratosphere and abandoned mines deep within mountain caves, from viscous planes of sound to explosive rhythmic drive.

04/03 | 2014

Puma is Øystein Moen (synthesizers and electronics), Stian Westerhus (guitar and electronics) and Gard Nilssen (drums). Recorded and mixed by Jørgen Træen.”Half Nelson Courtship” is the third album and the first on Rune Grammofon from this young trio who musically started out as the younger cousins of Supersilent. The new album shows a group with a stronger identity, clearer focus, more mature and fully developed musical ideas and directions.

04/03 | 2014

Bolage is proud to present our fourth release:
Puma Discotheque Bitpunching. Since the release of their debut album Isolationism last year, the band has been touring extensively. Playing live has payed off. As a second album, Discotheque Bitpunching is everything you could wish for: it’s sharper and more to the point than their debut, yet richer in colour and texture.

Stian Westerhus - guitars

Øystein Moen - keyboard

Gard Nilsen - drums

2008 Bolage

04/03 | 2014

Puma’s music is fearless and dynamic with a strong melodic instinct. Their live performances are spectacular displays of creative beauty, full of energy and musical sincerity. Puma is improvised music, with a fresh, new sound. Puma won the prestigious JazzIntro award in 2006 as the most promising young

20/11 | 2013

Fresh exhilarating power-jazz shot through with rock & blues attitude from this young Norwegian trio
There's some manic uninhibited guitar with more than a touch of Hendrix And James Blood Ulmer; there's plenty of free improvisation there's distortion feedback wah-wah and explosive drumming - but every now and then they tone things right down and play in a light swinging style. Either way very few cowboys have ever played like this ! It's more how Albert Ayler might have sounded if he'd played electric guitar.

20/11 | 2013

The second album from this young and powerful trio led by Shining guitarist Even Helte Hermansen shows a group aiming to combine the jazz/improv background of the rhythm section with the rock/metal background of the guitarist to create their own expressive music inspired just as much by Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix as by Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler. Musically this allbum has an untamed and youthful energy to it and the production is quite heavy, dark and dirty, not unlike what you might hear on certain metal or stoner albums.

20/11 | 2013

This young and extremely eminent trio continue to mix the energy of rock with the freedom of jazz in the most exciting and exhilirating ways. UK magazine Jazzwise called their previous album ”insanely good” and likened them to Jeff Beck being backed by Elvin Jones. ”Jitterbug” is even better, the trio having matured through a number of live dates. It´s possible to find several references in their music, but quite difficult to name other groups that they actually sound like. In our catalogue they are probably closest to Scorch Trio and Elephant9.

19/11 | 2013

This is the companion to the Bonanza album, recorded during the same sessions in Athletic Sound. Here they cover some of their personal favourites, fully showing the diversity of artists that is so typical for the listening habits of young Norwegian musicians not subscribing to specific genres. Meaning you will find Back Sabbath and Pixies side by side with Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra. And with ”Bushman Rock” they also cover themselves. This song was left off the ”Jitterbug” album but they recorded a vastly improved version for this new album.

19/11 | 2013

It´s no secret that we have a soft spot for this fabulous group and would wish nothing less than world domination for them. With one leg in heavy rock and one in jazz, what they do seems to be almost a lost art when it comes to making records. Basically meaning great musicians playing together in a proper recording studio, interacting and playing off each other. The tracks are mostly first or second takes, there is no editing and just a couple of overdubs on the whole album.

19/11 | 2013

Recorded during a show at the Storyville jazz club in Molde in May 2012, this could very well be their finest recorded effort during their ten years as a band.
Bringing new meaning to the concept of loose but tight, they blend the freedom of jazz with the energy of rock in the most convincing ways as they race through numbers from all their previous four Rune Grammofon albums, taking no prisoners along the ride. On top of everything it´s also really well recorded and mixed, with a great punchy sound.

19/11 | 2013

My solo record "Drumming Music" is out now, printed in beautiful 180g gatefold vinyl made by Rune Nergaard.

buy it here:

or order it directly from me.

19/11 | 2013

Formed in 2003, the Oslo based trio are upfront about their love for the progressive rock of Cream and Jimi Hendrix, the galactic jazz of Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Sharrock and Alice Coltrane, plus the raw power of Black Sabbath and The Pixies. «Thou Shalt Boogie!» is their sixth album on Rune Grammofon and has a velvety, warm sound that was captured at Athletic Sound in Halden, Norway, a legendary old school studio with a 30-year history.

19/11 | 2013

Gard Nilssen "Drumming Music"

"Drumming Music" consists of 28 minutes improvised music for drums, percussion, gongs and vibraphone, and is the soloproject of the Norwegian drummer Gard Nilssen.

The music is acoustic, dynamic, energetic and melodic and is inspired by Sven Åke Johansson, John Zorn, Steve Reich, Christian Wallumrød, Supersilent, Gavin Bryars and David Lynch.


+47 91545565

Past concerts

20th 23:45 Moldejazz-Molde (NO) // Amgala Temple
16th 14:00 Moldejazz-Molde (NO) // Bushman´s Revenge
24th 22:00 Nattjazz-Bergen (NO) // Amgala Temple
26th 20:00 Jazztage-Ilmenau (GER) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
12th 20:00 NDR Radio Concert Hall-Hamburg (GER) // Obara International Quartet
11th 20:00 NDR Radio Concert Hall-Hamburg (GER) // Obara International Quartet
28th 20:00 Jazzklubben-Nesodden (NO) // Cortex
27th 20:00 Jazz Evidence-Kongsberg (NO) // Cortex
13th 20:00 Jazz Evidence-Kongsberg (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
04th 20:00 Le Periscope- Lyon (FRA) // Obara International Quartet
02nd 20:00 Moulin á Jazz- Vitrolles (FRA) // Obara International Quartet
01st 20:00 Theatre Denis-Heyeres (FRA) // Obara International Quartet
19th 20:00 Frannz Club-Berlin (GER) Thomas Dybdahl band //
18th 20:00 Botanique-Brussels (BE) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
17th 23:15 Artheater-Cologne (GER) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
15th 20:00 Café De La Danse-Paris (FRA) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
14th 20:00 Union Chapel-London (UK) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
12th 20:00 Tolhuistuin-Amsterdam (NL) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
11th 20:00 Nochtspeicher- Hamburg (GER) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
29th 20:00 Skiensjazzdraget-Skien (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
28th 20:00 Jazz Club-Hannover (GER) // Obara International Quartet
27th 20:00 BMW Welt-Munich (GER) // Obara International Quartet
20th 22:45 Vega- Copenhagen (DK) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
19th 22:45 Voxhall- Aarhus (DK) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
16th 22:30 Den Norske Opera- Oslo (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
12th 23:15 Bimhuis- Amsterdam (NL) Starlite Motel //
11th 23:15 DOM- Moskva (RUS) Starlite Motel //
10th 22:45 Maschinenhaus- Berlin (GER) Starlite Motel //
09th 22:45 Stadtgarten- Cologne (GER) Starlite Motel //
07th 21:00 Blå- Oslo (NO) Starlite Motel //
30th 22:15 Unterfahrt-Munich (GER) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
29th 22:15 Der Ruimte-Amsterdam (NL) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
28th 22:15 Handelsbeurs- Gent (BEL) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
27th 22:15 Stadtgarten- Cologne (GER) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
24th 22:15 ArtilleriVerkstedet-Horten (NO) // Amgala Temple
23rd 22:15 Østre-Bergen (NO) // Amgala Temple
22nd 22:15 Høvleriet-Haugesund (NO) // Amgala Temple
21st 22:15 Tou Scene-Stavanger (NO) // Amgala Temple
17th 22:15 Blå-Oslo (NO) // Amgala Temple
16th 22:00 Lokal Bar-Trondheim (NO) // Amgala Temple
10th 22:30 KICK- Kristiansand (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
09th 22:30 Zetlitz- Stavanger (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
08th 22:30 Høvleriet- Haugesund (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
06th 22:30 Ole Bull- Bergen (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
28th 22:00 Belgrade Jazz Festival- Belgrade (SER) // Cortex
27th 22:30 Kulturhuset- Hamar (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
26th 22:30 Samfundet- Trondheim (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
25th 22:30 Terminalen- Ålesund (NO) Thomas Dybdahl Band //
19th 22:00 Krokus Jazz- Jelena Gora (PL) // Obara International Quartet
17th 22:00 Salzburg Jazz festival- Salzburg (AU) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
13th 22:00 Mondrian Jazz- Den Haag (NL) // Cortex
05th 22:15 Spor 5- Stavanger (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
04th 22:15 Tune Into- Gjøvik (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
03rd 22:15 Union Scene- Drammen (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
01st 22:00 Cervejaria Criolina- Brasilia (BRA) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
31st 22:00 Blue Note Jazz Club- Rio De Janeiro (BRA) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
30th 21:45 Jazz Nos Fundos- Säo Paolo (BRA) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
29th 21:45 Espaco 7- Säo Carlos (BRA) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
25th 21:45 Vangen- Haugesund (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
24th 21:45 Elvefestivalen- Drammen (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
16th 21:45 Oslo Jazz Festival- Oslo (NO) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
11th 21:45 Way Out West- Gothenburg (SE) // Susanne Sundfør
25th 21:45 Canal Street- Arendal (NO) // Bushman´s Revenge
21st 21:45 Old Town Jazz Festival- Warsaw (PL) // Obara International Quartet
19th 21:45 Club Wytvornia- Lodz (PL) // Obara International Quartet
17th 21:45 Club Wytvornia- Lodz (PL) // Bushman´s Revenge
15th 21:30 North Sea Jazz- Rotterdam (NL) // Obara International Quartet
13th 21:30 Tysnesfest-Tysnes (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
12th 21:30 Foynhagen-Tønsberg (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
11th 21:30 Copenhagen Jazzfestival // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
29th 21:45 Rochester Jazz Festival- Rochester (US) // Obara International Quartet
28th 21:45 Ottawa Jazz Festival- Ottawa (CA) // Obara International Quartet
26th 21:45 Coastal Jazz- Vancouver (CA) // Obara International Quartet
23rd 21:45 Victoria Jazz Festival- Victoria (CA) // Obara International Quartet
22nd 21:30 Edmonton Jazz Festival- Edmonton (CA) // Obara International Quartet
19th 21:30 Dizzy´s- New York (US) // Obara International Quartet
16th 21:30 Ålesund Live // Susanne Sundfør
15th 21:30 Piknik i Parken-Oslo (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
02nd 21:00 Nattjazz-Bergen (NO) // Cortex
31st 17:30 Nattjazz-Bergen (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
21st 20:00 Barbican-London (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
20th 20:00 Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club-London // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
19th 20:00 Stormen-Bodø (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
18th 20:00 Stormen-Bodø (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
16th 20:00 Olavshallen-Trondheim (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
15th 20:00 Olavshallen-Trondheim (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
13th 20:00 Oslo Konserthus-Oslo (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
12th 20:00 Oslo Konserthus-Oslo (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
10th 20:00 Stavanger Konserthus-Stavanger (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
09th 20:45 Grieghallen-Bergen (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
08th 20:00 Grieghallen-Bergen (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
06th 20:00 Cirkus-Stockholm (SWE) // Susanne Sundfør
29th 19:30 Bærum Kulturhus-Bærum (NO) // Obara International Quartet
26th 20:00 Wroclaw (PL) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
20th 18:00 Jazzahead Galla concert-Bremen (GER) // Obara International Quartet
14th 20:00 Voss Jazzklubb-Voss (NO) // Cortex
07th 20:00 Urijazz-Tønsberg (NO) Wolf Walley //
05th 20:00 Storyville Jazz club-Molde (NO) //
04th 20:00 Kings Place-London (UK) Wolf Walley //
03rd 20:00 Resonans-Gjøvik (NO) Wolf Walley //
25th 21:00 CJF-Zaporizhzhya (UKR) // Bushman´s Revenge
23rd 17:45 Vossajazz-Voss (NO) Arild Andersen 4tet //
15th 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene-Oslo (NO) // Cortex
10th 20:00 Urijazz-Tønsberg (NO) Arild Andersen Trio //
09th 20:00 Tivoli-Moss (NO) Arild Andersen Trio //
08th 20:00 Jazzklubben-Bø (NO) Arild Andersen Trio //
07th 20:00 Energimølla-Kongsberg (NO) Arild Andersen Trio //
06th 20:30 Unterfahrt-Munich (GER) Arild Andersen Trio //
04th 20:30 Kampen jazz-Oslo (NO) Wolf Walley // Obara International Quartet
19th 20:00 Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa-Bielsko-Biała (PL) // Obara International Quartet
18th 20:30 Paard Van Troje-Den Haag (NL) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
14th 20:00 Herr Nilsen-Oslo (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
01st 20:00 Ronnie Scotts Jazz club-London // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
27th 20:00 Blå-Oslo (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
26th 20:00 Dokkhuset-Trondheim (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
25th 21:00 Rødbrygga-Inderøy (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
24th 17:00 Big Dipper-Oslo (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
13th 14:00 Nublu-New York (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
12th 20:00 The Bitter End, Winterjazzfest-New York (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
29th 20:15 Porgy and Bess-Vienna (AUS) // Obara International Quartet
25th 20:00 Jazzpianist festival-Kalisz (PL) // Obara International Quartet
23rd 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene-Oslo (NO) // Obara International Quartet
22nd 20:00 Madrid Jazzfestival-Madrid (ESP) // Obara International Quartet
21st 20:30 Unterfahrt-Munich (GER) // Obara International Quartet
18th 19:00 Komeda Jazzfestival-Slupsk (PL) // Obara International Quartet
17th 19:00 Jazztopad-Wrocklaw (PL) // Obara International Quartet
11th 21:00 ROCKIT-Groningen (NL) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
10th 21:00 Jazzfest-Skien (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
09th 20:00 Bok & Blueshuset-Notodden (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
08th 20:00 Øvre Verket-Ulefos (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
06th 23:00 Mandagsklubben-Copenhagen (DK) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
14th 20:30 CM5-Orlando (US) // Cortex
13th 20:30 Petra´s Bar-Charlotte (US) // Cortex
12th 20:30 If Art Gallery-Columbus (US) // Cortex
11th 20:30 Neptunes Parlour-Raleigh (US) // Cortex
10th 22:00 Nublu-New York (US) // Cortex
08th 16:45 The October Revolution Festival-Philadelphia (US) // Cortex
06th 20:00 Trinosophes-Detroit (US) // Cortex
05th 20:00 Bop Stop-Cleveland (US) // Cortex
04th 20:00 Constellation- Chicago (US) // Cortex
03rd 20:00 The Tambourine Lounge-Sturgeon Bay (US) // Cortex
30th 20:00 Olavshallen-Trondheim (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
30th 17:00 Olavshallen-Trondheim (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
29th 20:00 Kilden-Kristiansand (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
29th 19:30 Kilden-Kristiansand (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
27th 19:30 Stavanger Konserthus-Stavanger (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
27th 17:00 Stavanger Konserthus-Stavanger (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
26th 20:00 Grieghallen-Bergen (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
26th 19:30 Grieghallen-Bergen (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
25th 20:00 Oslo Konserthus-Oslo (NO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
25th 17:00 Oslo Konserthus-Oslo (NO) // Susanne Sundfør
22nd 20:30 Bimhuis-Amsterdam (NL) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
22nd 20:00 Bimhuis-Amsterdam (NL) // Cortex
20th 22:30 Sabotage-Lisbon (PT) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
19th 20:00 SMUP-Parede (PT) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
26th 22:00 Fæsterålen, Sortland (NO) -Sivert Høyem Band //
25th 22:00 Hvalstrandfestivalen, Asker (NO) -Sivert Høyem Band //
24th 20:00 Lodz (PL) // Obara International Quartet
12th 22:00 Reykjavik Jazzfestival (IS) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
12th 14:15 ØYA (NO) w/Morudes // Bushman´s Revenge
03rd 20:00 Jazz Em Agusto, Lisbon (PT) -Starlite Motel //
29th 20:00 Ørsta (NO) -Erlend Slettevoll Trio //
22nd 22:00 Ravnedalen Live, Kristiansand (NO) - Sivert Høyem Band //
21st 22:30 Vinjerock (NO) -Sivert Høyem Band //
15th 21:00 Wrightegaarden, Langesund (NO) -Sivert Høyem Band //
13th 22:00 Tysnesfest (NO) -Sivert Høyem Band //
12th 20:00 Copenhagen Jazzfestival (DK) // Cortex
11th 20:00 ZDB, Lisbon (PT) -Rodrigo Amado 4tet //
08th 17:00 Kongsberg Jazzfestival (NO) -Wolf Walley //
06th 19:00 Parkjazz, Skien (NO) -Stian Carstensen/Gard Nilssen duo //
03rd 08:00 The Royal Room-Seattle (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
02nd 06:00 Vancouver Jazz festival (CAN) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
01st 09:30 Rochester Jazzfestival (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
01st 07:30 Rochester Jazzfestival (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
30th 08:00 Constellation- Chicago (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
29th 07:30 Nordic Jazz @the Finnish Embassy- Washington DC (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
28th 07:00 Hideout-Chicago (US) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
23rd 22:00 Over Oslo (NO) -Sivert Høyem band //
22nd 21:00 Starmus, Trondheim (NO) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
17th 20:00 Drøbakfestivalen (NO) -Sivert Høyem band //
16th 20:00 Vervenfestivalen, Horten (NO) -Sivert Høyem band //
13th 19:30 Oslo Konserthus, Oslo (NO) - Sivert Høyem band //
10th 20:00 Syke (GER) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
18th 13:00 Pit Inn-Tokyo (JP) Matiné concert // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
16th 20:00 Koen Dori Classics-Tokyo (JP) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
15th 20:00 TBA-Tokyo (JP) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
14th 20:00 Airegin Jazzclub-Yokohama (JP) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
13th 20:00 Jazz Candy-Chiba (JP) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
09th 21:00 State X new forms, Paard Van Troje- Den Haag // Bushman´s Revenge
03rd 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene- Oslo (NO) Wolf Walley //
26th 20:00 John Dee-Oslo (NO) // Bushman´s Revenge
06th 20:00 Oslo- Kampen jazz, Kaféteateret // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
05th 23:00 Berlin-Lombardo!!!!! (GER) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
04th 22:00 Graz- Graz Open (AUT) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
26th 20:00 Nesodden jazzklubb-Nesodden (NO) Team Hegdal // Team Hegdal
22nd 19:00 Kilden-Kristiansand (NO) Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
21st 20:00 Stavanger konserthus- Stavanger (NO) Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
13th 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene- Oslo (NO) // Cortex
12th 20:00 Bø jazzklubb-Bø (NO) // Cortex
11th 20:00 Skiensjazzdraget-Skien (NO) // Cortex
07th 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene- Oslo (NO) Arild Andersen Trio //
05th 20:00 Jazz evidence-Kongsberg (NO) Arild Andersen Trio //
02nd 20:00 Lundetangen pub-Skien (NO) // Bushman´s Revenge
29th 20:00 Ad lib jazzklubb-bodø (NO) // Bushman´s Revenge
26th 20:00 RBC-Dallas (US) // Bushman´s Revenge
25th 20:00 Flight Gallery-San Antonio (US) // Bushman´s Revenge
24th 20:00 Sonic Transmissions festival- Austin (US) // Bushman´s Revenge
21st 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene- Oslo (NO) // Bushman´s Revenge
17th 21:00 OSLO SPEKTRUM!!!!!!!! // Susanne Sundfør
27th 21:00 Verket festivalen-Mo i Rana- Ingebjørg Bratland band //
26th 20:00 Popaganda-Stockholm (SE) // Susanne Sundfør
25th 20:00 Saalfelden jazzfestival (AUT) - Starlite Motel //
20th 20:00 Telemarksfestivalen-Ingebjørg Bratland band //
19th 22:00 Oslo jazz festival-Victoria-Oslo 5 //
16th 20:00 Oslo jazz festival-NMH Lindemannsalen // sPacemoNkey
13th 20:00 Målrock-Årdal-Ingebjørg Bratland band //
10th 14:00 ØYA-Ingebjørg Bratland band //
08th 20:00 Genève-Oslo 5 //
06th 22:00 Festidalen-Uskedalen // Susanne Sundfør
30th 21:00 Olavsfestdagene-Trondheim // Susanne Sundfør
29th 21:00 Canal Street-Arendal // Susanne Sundfør
27th 20:00 Canal Street-Arendal- Ingebjørg Bratland band //
26th 20:00 Fagernes-Ingebjørg Bratland band //
17th 20:00 Citadel-London (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
15th 22:00 Colors of Ostrava (CZ) // Susanne Sundfør
14th 22:00 Slottsfjell-Tønsberg // Susanne Sundfør
09th 22:00 Kongsberg Jazz festival // Susanne Sundfør
08th 22:45 Rotterdam- North Sea Jazz Festival (NL) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
07th 21:00 Wrightegarden-Langesund- Ingebjørg Bratland band //
02nd 15:00 Ljubljana Jazz Festival (SLO) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
30th 19:30 Rochester Jazz festival (US) TWO SHOWS!!! // Cortex
29th 20:00 Cleveland-Bop Stop (US) // Cortex
28th 20:00 Detroit-Trinosophes (US) // Cortex
26th 20:00 Chicago-Hungry Brain (US) // Cortex
25th 18:00 Vancouver Jazzfestival (CA) // Cortex
23rd 20:00 Kelowna-Skin and bones (CA) // Cortex
22nd 19:00 Seattle-The royal room (US) // Cortex
21st 20:00 Jazz Standard-New York (US) // Obara International Quartet
20th 20:00 Washington DC (US) // Obara International Quartet
18th 22:30 Kongsfesten-Kongsvinger // Susanne Sundfør
17th 22:00 Sideways festival-Helsinki (FIN) // Susanne Sundfør
11th 22:00 Heartland Festival- Odense (DK) // Susanne Sundfør
10th 20:00 Jugendfest-Ålesund // Susanne Sundfør
29th 21:30 Nattjazz-Bergen-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
25th 21:30 Krakow International Film festival w/Tomasz Stanko // Obara International Quartet
21st 21:00 Cerkno (SLO) // Cortex
09th 21:00 Szczecin (PL) // Obara International Quartet
08th 21:00 Katowice (PL) // Obara International Quartet
07th 21:00 Wroclaw (PL) // Obara International Quartet
06th 21:00 Kafé K-Porsgrunn // Obara International Quartet
05th 21:00 Warzaw (PL) // Obara International Quartet
30th 20:00 Soddjazz-Inderøya // Team Hegdal
28th 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene- Oslo (NO) // Team Hegdal
23rd 20:00 Jazzahead-Bremen (GER) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
20th 20:00 Energimølla-Kongsberg- More & More & More & the instant gratification //
17th 19:30 Den Norske Opera-Oslo-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
17th 17:00 Den Norske Opera-Oslo-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
15th 20:00 Gutersloh (GER) - Arild Andersen trio //
12th 19:30 Olavshallen-Trondheim //
10th 19:30 Kulturhuset-Oppdal-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
09th 19:30 Stormen Kulturhus-Bodø //
08th 19:30 Hurtigrutens Hus-Stokmarknes-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
07th 19:30 Kulturhuset-Harstad-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
06th 19:30 Kulturhuset-Tromsø-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
05th 19:30 Istindportalen-Bardufoss //
03rd 19:30 Buen Kulturhus-Mandal-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
02nd 20:00 Kulturhuset-Kvinesdal-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
01st 20:00 Kick-Kristiansand-Ingebjørg Bratland Band //
31st 21:00 Mejeriet-Lund // Susanne Sundfør
30th 21:00 Pustervik-Gothenburg // Susanne Sundfør
29th 21:00 Cirkus-Stockholm // Susanne Sundfør
19th 23:00 Vossajazz-Voss // Cortex
19th 13:00 Vossajazz-Voss // Drumming Music
18th 22:00 Vossajazz-Voss // Susanne Sundfør
17th 21:00 Rokken-Volda // Susanne Sundfør
15th 21:00 Driv-Tromsø // Susanne Sundfør
13th 21:00 Sinus-Bodø // Susanne Sundfør
11th 21:00 Samfundet-Trondheim // Susanne Sundfør
10th 21:00 Samfundet-Trondheim // Susanne Sundfør
08th 21:00 Sagbladfabrikken-Hamar // Susanne Sundfør
07th 21:00 UnionScene-Drammen // Susanne Sundfør
05th 21:00 Terminalen-Ålesund // Susanne Sundfør
04th 21:00 USF Verftet-Bergen // Susanne Sundfør
03rd 21:00 Konserthuset-Stavanger // Susanne Sundfør
27th 21:00 Parkteatret-Oslo // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
26th 21:00 Kick-Kristiansand // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
25th 21:00 Tou Scene-Stavanger // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
29th 20:00 Skiensjazzdraget/Nylyd-Skien (NO) - Starlite Motel //
21st 20:00 London Jazzfestival-London (UK) Arild Andersen sextet //
20th 20:00 Montmartre-Copenhagen (DK) Arild Andersen sextet //
18th 20:00 Jazzevidence-Kongsberg, Arild Andersen sextet //
15th 20:00 Stjørdal-Arild Andersen sextet //
14th 20:00 Jazzklubben-Sundalsøra, Arild Andersen sextet //
13th 20:00 Dokkhset-Trondheim, Arild Andersen sextet //
12th 20:00 Storyville jazzklubb-Molde, Arild Andersen sextet //
11th 20:00 Park Hotel-Sandefjord, Arild Andersen sextet //
10th 20:00 Fasching-Stockholm (SE) Arild Andersen sextet //
08th 21:00 Gdansk (PL) // Obara International Quartet
05th 20:00 Debaser strand-Stockholm (SE) // Susanne Sundfør
04th 20:00 Vega-Copenhagen (DK) // Susanne Sundfør
03rd 20:00 Voxhall-Aarhus (DK) // Susanne Sundfør
02nd 20:00 Gretchen-Berlin (GER) // Susanne Sundfør
31st 20:00 Akbank jazzfestival-Istanbul (TUR) // Susanne Sundfør
29th 20:00 Brudenell Social Club-Leeds (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
28th 20:00 The Deaf Institute-Manchester (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
27th 20:00 KOKO-London (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
26th 20:00 The Haunt-Brighton (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
22nd 20:00 Stavanger jazzforum-Stavanger, Arild Andersen sextet //
17th 20:00 Dølajazz-Lillehammer, Arild Andersen sextet //
13th 20:00 Fjaler Kulturhus-Fjaler // Cortex
12th 20:00 Voss jazzklubb-Voss // Cortex
11th 20:00 Kabuso-Øystese // Cortex
10th 20:00 Bømlo Kulturhus-Bømlo // Cortex
09th 20:00 Stavanger Jazzforum-Stavanger // Cortex
08th 20:00 Bimhuis-Amsterdam // Bushman´s Revenge
01st 21:00 Rødbrygga-Inderøy jazzforum // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
30th 21:00 Moskus-Trondheim // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
28th 22:00 TBA-Berlin // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
27th 21:00 Parede-Lisbon (POR) // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
25th 21:00 Skiensjazzdraget-Skien // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
23rd 20:00 Nesodden jazzklubb // Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity
18th 20:00 Ibeam-New York (US) // Cortex
17th 20:00 Shapeshifter Lab-New York (US) // Cortex
15th 20:00 Kings Barcade-Raleigh (US) // Cortex
14th 20:00 Conundrum-Columbia (US) // Cortex
13th 20:00 The Shed-Durham (US) // Cortex
12th 20:00 Farish Theatre-Lexington Library (US) // Cortex
11th 20:00 The New Ghost Series-Cleveland (US) // Cortex
10th 20:00 Satellite Records-Kalamazoo (US) // Cortex
09th 20:00 Constellation-Chicago (US) // Cortex
06th 12:00 Bugge Wesseltoft, Lars Horntveth, DJ Strangefruit, Maja Ratkje & Gard Nilssen- Ingensteds-Oslo //
03rd 20:00 Wytwórnia- Lodz (PL) // Obara International Quartet
29th 20:00 TJO with Marius Neset-Bremen Musikfest (GER) // Trondheim Jazzorchestra
28th 22:00 Rakettnatt-Tromsø // Susanne Sundfør
22nd 22:00 Parken festivalen- Bodø // Susanne Sundfør
16th 21:00 Obara International 4-Middelheim-Belgium // Obara International Quartet
13th 19:00 Way out west- Gothenburg (SE) // Susanne Sundfør
06th 20:30 Bezau Beatz festival- Bezau (AUS) // sPacemoNkey
17th 20:00 Susanne Sundfør-Vinjerock-Jotunheimen // Susanne Sundfør
03rd 15:00 Roskilde festival -Roskilde (DK) // Susanne Sundfør
30th 20:00 Lincoln Centre of Jazz- New York (US) // Obara International Quartet
27th 18:00 Obara International 4-Edmonton jazzfestival // Obara International Quartet
26th 18:00 Obara International 4-Ottawa Jazzfestival-Ottawa // Obara International Quartet
25th 18:00 Obara International 4-Rochester Jazzfestival // Obara International Quartet
13th 20:00 Færderfestivalen-Horten -Amund Maarud band //
27th 21:00 Cultural Centre DOM, Moscow (RUS) // Cortex
23rd 22:00 sPacemoNkey-Moers festival-Moers (GER) // sPacemoNkey
14th 20:00 The Great Escape- Brighton (UK) // Susanne Sundfør
10th 20:00 Spring on festival-Porto (POR) // Cortex
08th 21:00 Blå-Oslo with Apothek //
18th 21:00 Bushman´s Revenge-Cementen,Stavanger // Bushman´s Revenge
03rd 20:00 Susanne Sundfør-Scala-London // Susanne Sundfør
01st 20:00 Arild Andersen Sextet-Fredrikstad //
12th 01:30 Arild Andersen Sextet-Torungen Kulturhus-Arendal //
01st 20:00 Arild Andersen Sextet-Nøtterøy Kulturhus-Nøtterøy //
31st 20:00 Arild Andersen Sextet-Bølgen Kulturhus-Larvik //
22nd 20:00 Cortex-Café De Ruimte,-Amsterdam // Cortex
20th 21:00 Cortex-B-flat-Berlin // Cortex
05th 22:00 Klubbøya, Blå, Oslo //

© Gard Nilssen