Live at mangha

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Maciej Obara – alto saxophone
Dominik Wania – piano
Ole Morten Vagan – double bass
Gard Nilsen – drums

Obara International is, without question, the most distinct ensemble in the improvised music scene in Poland nowadays. It was enough for Maciek & his team to play together for only 16 months to reach the level of empathic communication and develop their own peculiar style and sound.

The concert they played in April at the Manggha Museum in Krakow was a part of the 19th International “Masters and Youngsters” Jazz Festival, and a part of the concert tour the band made in spring.

Due to the adventurous journey from Łódź to Krakow, the musicians arrived at the venue only an hour before the concert. It is highly likely that this inconvenience provided a greater stimulation for the band, and the audience, filling the hall to capacity, actually witnessed – says Obara – one of the best performances given by the ensemble.

(Jarosław Polit)