Music for people in trouble

Music for people in trouble

Release date

Release Date: 8th September 2017  (CD/Download) / 29th September (Vinyl)

The vinyl edition will come as a transparent disc gatefold vinyl and includes a 24 page photo booklet.


  1. Mantra
  2. Reincarnation
  3. Good Luck Bad Luck
  4. The Sound Of War
  5. Music For People In Trouble
  6. Bedtime Story
  7. Undercover
  8. No One Believes In Love Anymore
  9. The Golden Age
  10. Mountaineers feat. John Grant

Susanne Sundfør-vocals, guitar, piano, synths, programming

André Roligheten-saxophone

Petter Eldh-doublebass

Greg Leisz-pedal steel guitar

John Grant-vocals

Gard Nilssen-drums, percussion

Jon Balke-piano

Jesse Chandler-Flute, clarinet, alto clarinet

Megan Kovacs-Kanklés

Erik Johan Bringsvor-acoustic guitar

Andres Roberts-spoken words

Lewis Sebastian Kay-Thatcher-spoken words

Jørgen Træen-synthesizers, double bass, electric guitar, programming, mixing


Produced by Susanne Sundfør & Jørgen Træen